Class Variable Question

Douglas Alan nessus at
Tue May 1 18:33:17 EDT 2001

Pieter Nagel <pieter at> writes:

> In my experience, the number of potential bugs that statically typed
> languages like C++ catch with protection schemes like these are
> minimal.

My experience is exactly the opposite.  Once I get a C++ program
through the compiler (which may take a while), my programs are usually
pretty close to bug free.  I typically spend little to no time

My experience programming in Python is quite different.  I end up
spending *much* more time debugging.  Of course, this is balanced to a
large degree by the fact that I can generally write a program
significantly faster in Python, and the fact that being forced to do
things in an overly constrained C++ way is often annoying and

On some nights, when I have very pleasant dreams, I dream of language
that provides the best of both worlds....


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