Problems with gencache on Windows NT

Mark Hammond MarkH at
Thu May 10 20:18:17 EDT 2001

Geoff Talvola wrote:

> Well, I spoke too soon.  It turns out that I need to wrap both 
> EnsureModule AND EnsureDispatch with locks in order to solve my 
> problem.  I still get errors otherwise.

OK - this needs to be fixed.

> On a related note, I've noticed that EnsureDispatch seems to _always_ 
> call EnsureModule, which makes it quite a bit slower than Dispatch 
> (although it's still plenty fast).  I wonder if this is a bug in 
> EnsureDispatch -- it looks like it was intended to only call 
> EnsureModule the first time through.  Probably only Mark can answer 
> that.  I'm using win32all 136 with Python 1.5.2 in case it matters.

Hrm.  It is supposed to only call it once.  I will check that out too.


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