Tim Peters at
Fri May 18 04:21:25 EDT 2001

[Stephen Hansen]
> ... I'm wondering: is the python-dev mailing list open?

Anyone can post to it, and anyone can read it, but it can only be read by
non-members via the clunky web interface:

Membership is via invitation from Guido, and the way people get invited is
usually via establishing a history of tangible contributions to the language
(accepted patches and bugfixes, PEPs, doc improvements -- tangible stuff;
mere ideas are a nickel per ten thousand <0.5 wink -- but the patent office
is supposed to tell you the same thing>).  Most of the traffic on Python-Dev
is about the bug du jour, so reading the summaries (now lovingly crafted by
Michael Hudson) instead is a more efficient use of most peoples' time.

There's no particular intent to *stop* non-members from getting it via email,
but there's no zero-work way to enable that, and making 10 minutes to figure
out an alternative hasn't yet bubbled to the top of Guido's priority list.

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