unicode in PythonWin's interactive window

Francis Meyvis francis.meyvis at sonycom.com
Thu May 3 06:42:01 EDT 2001


Is there a way to show the real characters
of a Unicode string in PythonWin's interactive window?

A print u'\u304B' gives me an error (ordinal not in range(128)).
Win32 is Unicode internally not?
When encode()-ing it first into an utf-8 or utf-16, utf-16-le or utf-16-be
I do not get the appropriate output neither.
What encoding do I have to use in the interactive window?
Or is this simply not possible?

Is there also a way to input Japanese characters easily in the interactive
(aka Emacs input methods: to have the Japanese syllable 'ka' one must
type the characters 'k' 'a' when using Japanese-hiragana input method).

If the interactive window is not usable would some GUI toolkit support
Unicode strings (e.g. tk or wxwindows)?
(Could somebody attach a simple code snippet?)

(0x304B should give me some Japanese hiragana symbol I think. Not sure

Thanks in advance!
Kind regards, best wishes,
francis meyvis

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