Against PEP 240

Des Small des.small at
Thu May 31 04:04:57 EDT 2001

On Thu, 31 May 2001 02:02:41 -0400, Tim Peters <tim_one at> wrote:
>[Robin Becker]
>> ...
>> As it stands the PEP demands rationals for all float constants,
>Not so:  the PEP does not demand rationals for float literals with an
>exponent.  1.1, yes; 1.1e1, no.  I don't expect you'll like that any better,
>but object to what it actually proposes (to avoid confusing things more).
Floating point is my bread and butter, and the only reason I use
Python (really Numpy).  Is there any chance that the 'future' syntax
could be adapted so that we could have, say,

from past import __proper_bloody_floats_dammit__

as a way of getting floats as a default for 1.1 and its little friends?

not an accountant.

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