What can you do in LISP that you can't do in Python

Hannah Schroeter hannah at schlund.de
Tue May 15 12:48:47 EDT 2001


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David LeBlanc  <whisper at oz.nospamnet> wrote:

>Wear out your paren keys.

Oh yeah. Use an editor with a shortcut like "close all pending open

>Try to keep ancient names for registers turned to function names 
>straight: cadr caddr cadddr etc. etc. etc.

Use car/cdr if you use the conses as pairs, use first, rest, second,
third, ... (up to tenth in the CL standard!), rest if you consider
the value a proper list.

>Reinvent a lot of wheels far too often.

In Scheme? Yes. In CL, I wouldn't think so.

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