Functions attributes accessed from within the function definition URGENT please

Fredrik Aronsson d98aron at
Wed May 30 12:04:48 EDT 2001

In article <o70aht0nl21e323pfkmgj0p6sabhm7q6f3 at>,
	Fernando Rodríguez <spamers at must.die> writes:
> Hi!
> 	I have a function f that will have an attribute x: f.x = 31426 (for
> example).
> 	When defining the function f, I'd like to give this attribute a
> default value, so I'll never get an error when trying to access it with f.x,
> how can I do this (setting the default value)? O:-)

Well, why not put the f.x = 31426 right after the definition?
>>> def f():
...   print f.x
>>> f.x=31426
>>> f()


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