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David LeBlanc <whisper at oz.nospamnet> wrote:
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>> How much of a barrier is there to PyQt for Windows users?
>> If I understand it correctly... PyQt is free, but Qt is not, so all
>> you need is the Qt libs to compile your own PyQt -- can these be from
>> any app you have that uses Qt, or do you need stuff you can only get
>> from a Qt source distribution (included in BlackAdder, ya?)?
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>> - Bruce

> With the advent of Black Adder, PyQT seems to be either no longer 
> available or is bundled with Black Adder and is no longer free - or both.

This is absolutely incorrect. PyQt is as free as it ever was: just
download the source, and compile it. There's even a .zip package with
the sources for Windows. All you need is a developers license of Qt to 
compile for Windows; on Unix even Qt is free.


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