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Richard P. Muller rpm at
Mon May 21 14:09:56 EDT 2001

Courageous wrote:
> >Without starting an advocacy thread, why is Python so well spoken of as a
> >first language?
> Syntactic minimalism (less use of crazy symbols, ${!@%)
> Few language forms (learn one, learn 'em all).

To this I would add:

	Python has features to implement most of the useful features from
	other languages. Once you learn the basics you are free to try
	out a variety of programming styles, from object-oriented programming,
	to functional programming, to numerical analysis.

A really useful newsgroup:
	Seriously, comp.lang.python is the most useful newsgroup I've ever
	come across. Almost no flamewars, no tedious threads on x vs. y,
	many people willing to answer newbie questions, and Tim Peters'


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