Python & Linux ?

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Tue May 22 04:32:12 EDT 2001

"Peter Moscatt" <pmoscatt at> wrote in message
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> I have just migrated from Win98 over to Linux.  My programming platform
> under Win98 was VB.
> Now in Linux, I have decided to program using the Python platform.

Good idea!  You could use Python just as well on Windows,
of course, and easily develop programs that work on both
platforms, if you want.

> I have bought myself a get started book and from what I can gather -
> Python is a Interpreter and not a Compiler, therefore only being able to
> develop scripts instead of installable programs.
> Have I got it all wrong here ??

Not quite.  You CAN package up a Python-coded application
into an "installable program", once you have finished with
its development and testing, if you need to deploy it with
ease to other boxes that might not have Python installed.

See, e.g., and
links from there.  The Freeze tool that comes with the
standard Python source distribution might actually be
able to do all you need, for a Linux box, but McMillan's
work is interesting to study in any case, and may open
up different possibilities on various platforms.

There is no need to worry about any of this until you DO
have your applications developed and tested and ready for
deployment to other boxes, of course.


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