Displaying a picture with tkinter

Bill Walker bwalker at earth1.net
Wed May 16 21:49:14 EDT 2001

Try this: (I didn't send the gif along, it is a pix of the Alpha Space

import Tkinter
root.title("Alpha Space Station")

myCanvas = tk.Canvas(root, width=500, height=500)
photo = tk.PhotoImage(file="Alpha.gif")
myCanvas.create_image(250,250, image=photo)


"Arthur Perlo" <perlo at mail.csb.yale.edu> wrote in message
news:3B019604.7F6DA095 at mail.csb.yale.edu...
> Hi,
> My program generates an image (picture), consisting of an
> NxM array of 8- or 16-bit pixels. I want to display it in
> my python application. I gather that I need the Image or
> PhotoImage widget, but the only documentation I can find is
> for loading the image from a file. My image is generated by
> my program.
> Can anyone point me to documentation or (preferably) sample
> code that will show me how to do this?
> (Unfortunately, I am not only new to python, but am ignorant
> of Tk. I couldn't find understandable (by me) documentation
> of this for Tk, either).
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