build problem: Python 2.1 on IRIX

Mats Wichmann xyzmats at
Wed May 9 12:13:58 EDT 2001

On Tue, 08 May 2001 16:20:08 GMT, xyzmats at (Mats Wichmann)

>I've got an old SGI Indy (IRIX 6.2) that I keep around for some
>testing purposes.  Trying to build up 2.1 I ran into some trouble -
>wondering if anyone has any thoughts.... the binary and libraries
>built okay, but the step tipped over as in the following

Okay, I've made some progress the old fashinoned way: if in doubt,
build a fresh copy of gcc.  Now running gcc 2.95.3 (was
2.8.something), the previous problem went away, but the build still
tips over building the extension shared libraries

That can be fixed fairly easily, though...the linker should not be
called directly, it should be called through gcc.

There's a "bug" in configure/ that ends up with the wrong
linker invocation on an IRIX 6 machine *if* the compiler is gcc.  If I
can sort out the SourceForge intricacies I'll post a bugreport.

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