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Well, in my experience the bulk of the learning curve for a project
is usually going to be the content of the project itself.  The additional
cost of learning python might be mostly cancelled by the fact that the
project content will be easier to learn when expressed in python.  I'd
attribute this to fewer semantic distractions, and more immediate
feedback which makes it easier to play with the system. I believe
this holds true when comparing python to all of the popular
programming languages.

Anyway, it keeps getting easier to find python talent, especially if
you allow telecommuting.

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> Joseph Santaniello writes:
> > These are all good points, however management is already convinced of
> > technical suitability to our project. They also have a hunch that we're
> > not kidding that Python is easy to learn. I was thinking of teaching the
> > main person I need to convince as part of my argument! Their only issue
> > what happens if for some reason they get stuck holding the bag on a
> > product written in Python and need to quickly get somebody to fix
> > something that might get broken, and the 2 programmers who know Python
> > have as they say "been hit by a bus."
> For this purpose, it might be sufficient to demonstrate that there's good
> consulting talent available on short notice (shouldn't be too hard to get
> evidence for this -- there are probably many who'd take on a limited gig
> LA even though they wouldn't want to move here).
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