Python 2.0 quick reference...

Andrew Dalke dalke at
Thu May 24 00:48:50 EDT 2001

 Martijn Faassen wrote:
>Ah, this isn't an actual thread, it's just a deep-coded PSU
>interchange. The messages are more or less fluff, but there's
>a secret message in it. It's not easy to determine the message
>yourself, just start your python interpreter and type

Python Secret Underground?

My, that sounds strange.  Ever hear of a language mafia
before?  Even if there was, why would they hang around  Tim no doubt has something to say about this <wink>.
So, back to the thread.

Ahhh, what was this branch of the thread about again?  Text,
and how it's the only thing which conveys "intellegent

No way can i believe in that conjecture.  One only need
look at scientific journals to see that graphics and images
are very important.  Oh, and if you see color pictures you
know either they are very important or the lab is rich,
because putting color costs the author even more money to
have it published.  (Neighborhood of an extra $1,000 for
some journals!)

                    dalke at

x = filter(lambda s:not s or s[0] not in " >\n", __doc__.split("\n\n"))
x = [filter(lambda c:c in __import__("string").uppercase, s) for s in x]
print " ".join(x), "".join(map(chr, (60, 119, 105, 110, 107, 62)))

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