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I was wondering, did anyone make a suggestion on how to cite Numpy?  I am writing
my PhD proposal and since the computational part is rather important I am citing
Numpy as well.  My initial plan was to use the same overall practice that the R
people use, except I was going to refer to the Numerical Python document David
Ascher wrote at LLNL.  My reasoning is that since it has an LLNL document number,
it can be cited in an academic environment.  (the R-Project people cite a published
paper that was written in the early stages of R)


FROM: Konrad Hinsen
    DATE: 04/04/2001 07:14:48
    SUBJECT:  [Numpy-discussion] Citing NumPy

    I am just working on an article describing a program which makes heavy
    use of NumPy, so I should cite some reference to it. Did anyone do
    this before? What is the most appropriate reference? I think URLs
    are acceptable these days, but it should be a rather stable one.


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