wxPython or TKinter?

Bill Bell bill-bell at bill-bell.hamilton.on.ca
Thu May 17 18:40:25 CEST 2001

"Hanna Joo" <hanna at chagford.com>
> I have played with wxPython and Boa contructor. I stayed away from
> TKinter because I was told that since it has run two interpreters, it
> is rather slow. All GUI work is done on a Windows machine.
> wxPython is wonderful and all that, but execution is very slow. I
> tried py2exe, but 1. output file is huge 2. it is also slow. I think
> Tkinter is more mainstream. Are there distinct advantages? Is there a
> way to speed up wxPython?
> I would appreciate input from all those who have experience in Tkinter
> and wxPython.

If you have access to Hammond and Robinson, Python 
Programming on Win32 (O'Reilly) there's a chapter that compares 
those two plus PythonWin. Mind you, I don't think it goes beyond 
what you've said in your query.

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