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Tue May 29 04:59:17 EDT 2001

JimB417 wrote:
> Hello all,
> I downloaded the RPM source files for Python 2.1 (expat-1.1-3tummy.src.rpm,
> python2-2.1-4.src.rpm ) and I'm having problems with compiling on my Linux
> box. i open a terminal window and type:
> rpm --rebuild expat-1.1-3tummy.src.rpm
> After a few moments (and all seems to have gone well) I type at the prompt:
> rpm --rebuild python2-2.1-4.src.rpm,
> and I get the following message:
> expat 1.1-3tummy is needed by python2-2.1-4.
> What am I doing wrong here? I've been at this for several days now. I tried
> installing the compiled binary of 2.1 but there was a dependency file problem I
> could not resolve, so I thought I would try compiling the source instead. I've
> been
> using Python on Windoze for about a month now, but I want to use 2.1 on Linux
> as well.
> Thanks for reading and I appreciate any and all help with this. Jim

In order to build python2.1, you need to have expat installed as well.
You can download expat-1.1-3tummy.src.rpm from the same site as

Joal Heagney/AncientHart

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