open(.xls file, 'w') so that hyperlinks appear

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Nov 13 03:32:17 CET 2001

Peter Hansen wrote:
> Why not try writing out a spreadsheet which *does* have a link
> in it, as both an XLS files and a CSV file?  Examine them and
> figure out what Excel does to save the links.  Read the CSV
> file back in (after renaming to XLS maybe) and see if the link
> survives the trip.  If it does, you should be able to figure
> it out from that, or go on the web and find some docs on
> Excel's file formats...

Just checked.  Text files don't preserve the links, which is
obvious in hind-sight, and true XLS files are monster ugly
binary files you wouldn't want to write yourself anyway.
If you need the links, if I were you I'd learn to use COM. :)

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
peter at

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