Installing Python > 2.1: make fails in posixmodule.c

Elmar Höfner elmar.hoefner at
Wed Nov 28 17:01:18 CET 2001

Michael Hudson wrote:

> Didn't look hard enough:

Oops, you're right. Although I spent quite a time searching, I oversaw it. 
This link helped me, now it compiles.

> I'm pretty that fix went into 2.1.1 though.  Which version are you
> compiling?  2.1.1 and current CVS don't have PRIO_PROCESS at line
> 1145.
> Try current CVS?  Tell us which version you're compiling?

I tried at first 2.1.1 [error in line 1102], 2.2a4 [line 1145], 2.0.1 
[which did compile, but gave me other problems] and at last
2.2b2. None of the mentioned [exept 2.0.1] compiled without patching.
I didn't try CVS, though.

Thanks for your help,

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