Regular Expression Help Needed

Andrew Dalke dalke at
Sat Nov 17 18:01:20 CET 2001

William Park wrote [on auto-detecting email addresses using regexps]
>What's wrong with '[\w.]+@\w+(\.\w+)*' ?

The host name has to allow a '-' (it's A-Za-z90-9 and '-', but
not '_' as \w allows).

I am dalke at  See the period at the end?
You don't want to grab that in your regexp.  Nor should you
grab two '.'s in a row.

The local address part (before the '@') could have '-' and
many other characters not included in the '[\w.]' you give.
Eg, is there anyone still using bang path notation?  (With '!'s
as extra routing information.)

                    dalke at

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