New to pyton. Maybe a dumb question?

Jeff Shannon jeff at
Fri Nov 9 18:57:27 CET 2001

Eyal Lotem wrote:

> Python must be interpreted, unless a native-code compiler is used. The only
> one I know of is the .NET ActiveState Python compiler (and I'm not even
> sure it is one).

As a minor additional point... Jython can compile Python code into java class
files.  This isn't quite the same thing as a native-code compiler, though given
the near-ubiquity of JVMs these days, it's a pretty close approximation.

Though in general, installing python on your target machines first, or packaging
your application via McMillan Installer/py2exe/etc., is not a significant
barrier.  Have you noticed how many programs ship with Visual Basic (and/or MFC)
runtimes?  ;)

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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