Optimizing sockets to 1000 requests/sec? (Was: Sockets and messaging services)

Cezary Biernacki cezary at bigfoot.com
Fri Nov 16 13:05:32 CET 2001

Stephen wrote:

> Thanks for the help, Cezary 
>>So, for really testing server you should launch clients from another 
> Sorry, you've lost me here. If the server can't generate 
> threads quick enough to deal with the incoming connections,
> how will moving the clients to another machine give the
> server more time (except perhaps in introducing a network
> delay) ?

Your client threads also use processor time. When NUMTHREADS > 5 they 
can be sheduled before a server starts accepting connections. It doesn't 
depend on speed of the machine - faster processor -> faster clients 
generates new connections.


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