And Now for Something Completely Different! (was: Monty Python (was: Freeware Python editor))

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Sun Nov 4 20:06:20 CET 2001

"Gary Stephenson" <garys at> wrote in message
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> Gidday all!
> > You're missing one important link that is well represented in the
> > python-list archives: The Goon Show -- with Spike Milligan and
> > Peter Sellars. The Goon Show was a BBC radio show that was the
> > inspiration for Monty Python.
> >
> >  Spike Milligan beat out John Cleese for 1st place in the BBC's
> > millenium poll of the top 10 funniest people:
> >
> The patriot (scoundrel??) in me wishes to point out that Spike was / is an
> Australian - though I imagine many Brits would be somewhat upset to learn
> this <g>.

Yet he was born in India and (now) holds an Irish passport (as a result of
having an Irish father (English mother? not sure)).  Has he ever held an
Australian passport?


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