Solving Partial Differential equation in Python

Roger Hansen rogerha at
Mon Nov 5 18:04:56 CET 2001

* ee_fhw at
> 	Did anyone have the experience in solving a PDE numerically in
> Python. The PDE is a Euler-Lagrange equation. In fact it is a
> simulation of LCD modeling. I search the web and find many libraries
> like Numeric Python. But I cannot find any library aim at solving
> PDE. So I think I have to design my own Algorithm. Could anyone help
> me.

I have solved some PDEs in Python, both hyperbolic (wave equations)
and elliptic. The packages I've used is Numeric and/or wrapped C,C++
or Fortran libraries. The last time I checked (a year or two ago) I
didn't find any Python modules or packages directly aimed for solving

What you could do is to check or for your specific equation. The code will
probably be Fortran or C, but you can wrap or translate the code to
Python. Wrapping Fortran code can be done with f2py and Pyfort, and
for C code SWIG is a nice tool.



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