A Python GUI Book.

Ron Stephens rdsteph at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 11 23:59:21 CET 2001

As someone else said, pleas einlcude anygui. Also, it woudl be nice if you could
include PythonCard, as an application frmaework  on top of wxPython.

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:

> Hi group,
> I'm currently writing a Python GUI book, where several toolkits
> (most likely PyGTK, PyQt, FOXpy, PyFLTK, wxWindows and...
> of course... Tkinter) are presented and explained.
> My idea is that besides going into some detail of every Toolkit I
> construct _one_ application scenario with a skeleton, which I
> later complete with each of the toolkits.
> This should give the reader the means to choose the toolkit
> which matches their personal taste & programming philosophy.
> Given this approach, the main question I'm currently trying to
> figure out is: What application shall I present? It must be complicated
> enough to show some advanced topics (not only presenting a tour of
> the widgets and voila...) but at the same time small enough to cover
> it within 50 pages or so (remember: for each toolkit!).
> I first thought of some contact application - in outlook style - or
> some kind of presentation program - powerpoint style - ... here's a plea
> for your input.
> What do you think would be a good application to show the basics and a few
> more sophisticated topics in programming GUI applications with Python?
> Apart from this concrete question do you have some topics which you
> think should be a _must_ in such a book? Imagine you're a not a total newbie
> in python GUI programming... what did you want to read in such a book?
> thanks for your input!
> Yours,
> Mickey.

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