Neil Schemenauer nas at
Tue Nov 27 16:41:48 CET 2001

Michael Hudson wrote:
> This is pyrepl 0.6, a readline-a-like for Python, which seems to be
> being released on 2001-11-27.
>  * sane multi-line editing

This is cool.  We have a little script that we use to interact with our
object database (ZODB).  It's used to do ad hoc queries or maintenance
on the database.  Usually we run it with "python -i".  I installed the
files in the pyrepl distribution in site-packages and added a in order to make it a package.  Next, I added the following
lines to the end of the script:

    from pyrepl.python_reader import ReaderConsole
    ReaderConsole(globals(), 0, None).interact()

It works great.  Thanks Michael.


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