The Ideals of a Python Hacker (was: Poll Results)

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> Jonathan Gardner wrote:
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> Rather than wait for such a group to find/hire you, however,
> you would be well advised to find ways of integrating
> Python into the work environment you are already at.  I
> have yet to see a development environment in which it was
> not often necessary to write little utilities to assist
> in development, file massagers, and so on.  Python is
> easily one of the most effective at this, and unlike
> otherwise suitable languages it will be hard for anyone
> to complain the result is not maintainable.  And no
> one can stop you from using it on your own machine.
> (Well, I've heard of such companies too, but I can't
> imagine working for one.)
Exactly -- in the two years that I've been goofing with Python, just an
occasional mention of how cool Python is (and why that's the case) have
started getting others at work to check it out.

Of course, being able to deliver an inhouse tool written during a single
lunchbreak that someone else had estimated  as taking a few days doesn't
hurt, either. Python is now in my cow orkers' minds when suggesting
solutions to clients.

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