IsPython really O-O?

Gerhard =?unknown-8bit?Q?H=E4ring?= gh_pythonlist at
Tue Nov 13 20:23:51 CET 2001

On Tue, Nov 13, 2001 at 11:59:00AM -0700, Andrew Dalke wrote:
> [...] 
> When I first started Python, I wrote a class like:
> class Spam:
>   def __init__(self, x):
>     self.x = x
>   def show(self):
>     print self.x
> After I figured out it worked, I wanted to add a new method, so
> I did
> class Spam:
>   def double(self):
>     self.x = self.x * 2
> then was annoyed that it didn't work the way I expected.  So I
> don't think you are alone in this view.  I bring it up here because
> I suspect for many people this is forgotten amoung all the other
> confusions in the early stages of learning Python.

Hey, you could have written:

class Spam(Spam):

It doesn't really add a method to the class, but at least it looks nicer.

What I miss(ed) was overloadable function and method signatures.

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