windows to linux pickled objects?

Fernando Pérez fperez528 at
Wed Nov 28 21:55:55 CET 2001

Stephen Boulet <stephen at> wrote in message news:<u09p8h73vhth04 at>...

> I tried it on linux and the program did run, but the size of the pickled 
> file only went down from 8183905 bytes to 8180057 bytes, and the file 
> wasn't binary at all. Maybe the size difference can be explained by the 
> lack of carriage returns.  ;)
> It would be nice if the binary option worked on linux...

Just to clarify, what I meant was binary *pickle*, not binary file
write. Pickling in binary should decrease file size by quite a bit
(think of it: a float is 8 bytes long, but can take about 16-18
characters to print as text).



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