Using browser as interface to python app

Sandy Norton sandskyfly at
Tue Nov 13 01:46:01 CET 2001

"Sandy Norton"
> > I'm simply trying to use the browser as an interface to a small python
> > program that retrieves and parses webpages and then publishes the
> > results in an html page. I would like for example for the user to be
> > able to configure the app via the browser (by selecting checkboxes and
> > whatnot) without having to use a command-line menu or a full blown GUI
> > such as wxPython or Tkinter.

"Bill Bell"
> Have you considered using Webware ( I 
> can't tell you anything about it since I've just started learning about 
> it myself. 400K download. Looks really cool.

Thanks. Webware looks very good. Now to test...


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