sys.prefix in COM

Mark Hammond MarkH at
Wed Nov 28 04:30:09 CET 2001

Sue Giller wrote:

> I have finally looked into this, and I wonder if there might be a 
> problem in sys.prefix in COM.  I am a python wannabe, so I am not 
> sure if the following is expected or what.


There is!  This has been fixed in Python 2.2 - sys.prefix will (almost) 
always be set correctly, even in embedded situations.

 From the CVS log for PC/getpathp.c:

Revision : 1.25
Date : 2001/9/7 14:8:1
Author : 'mhammond'
State : 'Exp'
Lines : +35 -1
Description :
Fix bug #410274 - sys.prefix isn't always set.

If after calculating sys.path we do not have sys.prefix set, we loop 
over all path entries checking if one can point to our home directory.


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