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Mikael Olofsson mikael at
Mon Nov 5 11:06:12 CET 2001

Hi all!

Here is what I want to do, in short: I want two processes to be able
communicate with each other. Naturally, these processes are supposed 
to be executed Python code. And we are on Solaris.

More precisely:

Process A is supposed to be running all the time, while process B will 
only live for a short period of time. Both processes are supposed to 
live on the same machine. After collecting some data, B needs to 
communicate that data to A and A is supposed to acknowledge to B that 
the received data is OK. B is therefore supposed to identify A, and set 
up a two-way communication link to A (with A's help, I suppose). After 
the necessary comunication has taken place, the communication link is 
supposed to be shut down, and B will soon die. B is only supposed to 
know under what name A is running.

Later, A is supposed to be able to repeat the whole thing with a new B. 

There may be more than one process (but probably not more than ten) 
knocking on A's door, and A is supposed to deal with them one by one. 

I feel that I am in quick sand here. I haven't got the slightest idea
how to do this. Any help is welcome. 


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