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Mon Nov 5 11:15:56 CET 2001

Make a simple application that store's and retrieves your friend's phone

That could be your goal and while reading (studying Python) you could focus
on what u need to do that ;-)


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> "Edy Lie" <ed at> writes:
> > I have some doubts here
> > 1. I would really want to learn this lang (What should i do?)
> Read the tutorial in the documentation directory at
> if you want an intro to the language.
> > i know instead of asking here i should start coding but i have no
> > idea what should i code.
> > Is there anyone in here willing to conduct a small class or at least
> > out exercise to newbies to code ?
> If there are some things you'd code in perl, write them in python
> instead.  If you want to learn programming in general, the best book
> is Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, by Abelson and
> Sussman:
> however, it's kind of idiosyncratic, and its examples and exercises
> are in a Lisp dialect called Scheme.  Nonetheless you'll learn a lot
> from it, and Python's approach will seem natural to you.  You should
> be able to do a lot of its exercises in Python instead of Scheme.
> There are some Python books too, but I haven't looked at them yet.
> > 2. Another thing when doing coding if i am facing problem i tend to stop
> > rather wanted to learn everything in a day or as fast as i could which i
> > believe is a wrong approach. Is there anyone kind enough to give me some
> > direction in order i could code something useful.
> There's nothing wrong with wanting to learn fast.

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