Win98 PySol problem

Bill Melcher wpmelcher at
Wed Nov 28 15:18:51 CET 2001

I got the thing to work by building a directory structure that is a
combination of the game distribution files (pysol-4.72.tar.bz2) and the
sources (pysol-4.72-rc.tar.bz2)

The structure I used is:

   - pysol-4.72
          - data              (from the first archive)
          - src                (from the second archive)

Python 2.1 is installed elsewhere so then I used SciTE to load from
drive:\pysol-4.72\src and had the editor Run it.  The great thing about
SciTE is that when you click Tools/Run, a new pane opens that shows the
entire session with all the stdout and stderr messages.

You could start an MS-DOS session and type at the C> prompt:

python drive:\pysol-4.72\src\

You could also double click on in the src directory.

If you do not like the pop-up DOS window, rename to pysol.pyw then
click that one.

Once everything is cool, simply double click on pysol.pyw (or a shortcut to
it) to start a game session.

I would like to find out how to create a version of pysol_21.pyc 'bundle'
that Marcus supplied in the original distribution but have not yet succeeded
and I don't really know whether it is worth the effort.  PySol lives on my

I think your problem arises from the fact that the src and data directories
are not part of the same directory structure so that the running PySol can't
find all the stuff it needs.
Cheers, Bill

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> >I have discovered that in .../src is supposed to create the
> >'bundle' so all I have to do is discover where the output module
> >(pysol.pyc) has gone or why it did not get created.
> >
> I have been following this thread, having come across the same problem
> I  downloaded pysol 4.72 for Windows. It wouldn't run becasue of the
> "dither" error. This was on Windows 2k
> I left that installation where it was -- when I ran the windows installer,
> got all the card sets and everything; and simply unpacked the source into
> fresh subdirectory under that tree (C:\program files\games\pysol-4.72\src)
> and comented out the "dither" lines as suggested in this thread.
> I then run "python src\" from the directory above, and it finds
> cards and runs perfectly -- until I move the mouse when clicking on a
> this makes the game crash with an error about an unrecognised cursor,
> I must find and fix.

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