PHP vs. Python/comp.lang.php?

Bill Anderson anderson at
Thu Nov 29 23:18:32 CET 2001

In article <slrn9vqeip.2vt.ssthapa at>, "Suchandra Thapa"
<ssthapa at> wrote in part:
>>Furthermore PHP kind of forces you to write web-apps in one way with
>>presentation and logic mixed. Also when your web-apps can do all the
>>standard fare that is the staple of PHP you will suddenly need some
>>feature that's not available in PHP. Then it is  much easier to use the
>>Python standard library to roll your own solution.
> 	Actually, there are template based packages for php, and it isn't
> too difficult to create a new template handling class if you don't like
> the existing ones.  To be fairly, a standard python cgi will also force
> you to mix presentation and logic since all your html will be in print
> or stdout.write statements inside your script.

Not true. There are likewise a number of templating packages for Python that
allowing you to "keep 'em separated".


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