Copy operator (was list.remove for Noivces)

Arthur Siegel ajs at
Thu Nov 29 01:49:34 CET 2001

Andreas writes -

>Well, I never had a problem with understanding the Python semantics. There
>are other languages that do have similiar semantics. (Actually most OO
>languages use only object references, not values)

I am asking you to imagine coming to Python as a blank slate. I happen not
to need to imagine it.  I am quite sure I would have no trouble with the
Python semantics, if I had the concepts.  It is getting the concepts down,
Python*, that is the subject matter.

>Python 2.2b1 Standard library:
>.py size: 183031 6110941
>import copy: 9 times
>shallow [:] copy: 75 times

How many times did they make the wrong choice between [:] and
=, or some such. I expect None. That's where I want to be.


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