Problem installing VTKPython

Enrique ecastro at
Wed Nov 14 11:58:50 CET 2001

Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:
> >>>>> "EC" == Enrique <ecastro at> writes:
>     EC> MS-Windows PC I have downloaded VTKcore.exe and VTKPython.exe.
>     EC> Installation of VTKcore.exe simply copies vtkdll.dll into
>     EC> c:\windows\system.
> I guess you downloaded these from the VTK site?  These were built for
> Python 1.5.2 and not for 2.1.  I suggest that you check out Les
> Schaffer's DLL's for Python 2.1:
> Mark Hadfield made some notes on his installation on Win32.  His
> message is here:
> If you have more problems mail the mayavi-users list that I've CC'd to
> here.
> prabhu
Thanks for the tip, prabhu
The version problem is not obvious from the error message
Now I can play with yours MayaVi, seems impressive at first
a good piece of work!
I´ll check the users list

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