Linux/Alpha memory leaks

Neal Norwitz neal at
Tue Nov 13 03:54:09 CET 2001

Peter Åstrand wrote:
> I have some problems with memory leaks in a web application, written in
> Python. It works good on Sparc/Solaris and Linux/i386 (uses < 10 MB on
> these platforms), but in Linux/Alpha the application consumes > 50 MB in
> less than 24 hours. Since the Python application works good on two other
> platforms, I assume the problem is either Python or glibc. More details:
> I've tried Python 2.1.1 and 2.2b1+, compiled with gcc 3.0.2. The app uses
> the following modules:
> cgi codeop cStringIO dircache errno fcgi Formtools gettext HTMLcolors
> HTMLgen HTMLutil os os.path popen2 pwd random re readline select socket
> stat string sys sz_fcgi thread time traceback types
> Any ideas or hints on how I can debug this problem?

Check out this patch which has been applied (9-Nov):

That may address your problem.  Specifically, it closes a leak in 2.2b1+.
I don't know if it affects 2.1.1.

There were a few other memory leak patchs that have been applied recently.


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