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Dave Cinege dcinege at
Sun Nov 25 02:05:35 CET 2001

On Saturday 24 November 2001 9:21, Peter Hansen wrote:

> Unfortunately, since the definition of a tab is ambiguous and
> inconsistent, 

# ascii tab
ASCII 0/9 is decimal 009, hex 09, octal 011, bits 00001001: called ^I, HT, TAB
Official name: Character Tabulation
Other names: Horizontal Tab, \t

It's what it's always been for at least 30 years...

> Unfortunately, some people insist on using tabs with tabstop
> sizes other than 8, 

# ascii tabstop

Do relize this WHOLE TIME you are arguing a term that is only
relevent for a particular (set of) ascii editor? There is no such
thing as a 'tabstop' in the binary world. 

> In the end, if people mixed tabs which were not the typical
> size

A tab is a byte == 9. If you have a 'different sized' tab, it's called
a different character, and not a tab!

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