Psyco 0.3.2

Armin Rigo arigo at
Wed Nov 14 16:19:40 CET 2001

Hello everybody,

A bugfix release of Psyco:

Just a quite note. I am starting to run out of free time for Psyco.

I would like to put efforts in helping people understand how Psyco works,
so that it can be developped up to a really usable state -- it is
currently more of a proof-of-concept, but it would be just too bad to
loose this opportunity, I guess. Besides, I believe that with some more
work we could really turn the current version into something great. That's
just too much for me alone now (I should be doing a math Ph.D. these days
you know ;-). So my request is, Does anyone feel like investing some time
in Psyco just on the basis of the current preliminary results ?  Shall I
write a technical in-depth overview ?

A bientot,


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