$71000 - 15 yr old made "AS SEEN ON ABC 20/20"

Cashad at naturallife.ca Cashad at naturallife.ca
Sun Nov 18 19:02:40 CET 2001

AS SEEN ON ABC's 20/20: The amazing story of a 15 yr. old boy who made over $70,000 on the internet in a matter of weeks.  He designed the EASIEST HOME BUSINESS EVER.  It's honest, it's not multi-level and best of all, IT'S SIMPLE.  You won't be bugging your friends and family. A little time spent each day and only $25 invested and the program begins to work for itself. I figured if a 15 year old boy can do it so can I (a 34 year old IT Manager).

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I had gotten a few of emails about this program, but just deleted them.  My curiosity was killing me.  So, I finally decided not to delete it.  I figured, "hey, it can't hurt to check it out".  That decision has changed my life. Here you
have the very same opportunity in front of you. If you take just five minutes to read through a program that could make a huge difference in your financial status. 

This is the type of opportunity we all pray will come along. Since this program aired on National TV, thousands are joining every Hour. You'll earn cash in a matter of a couple of weeks!  I did. 

More information by emailing me at cashad at naturallife.ca

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