Packaging problems with PMW

Sharriff Aina nhytro at
Fri Nov 2 09:09:24 CET 2001


My application is a script that uses PMW and tkinter. The application that I´m trying to distribute consists of  2 files; the main script and an OptionDB file to globally configure the tkinter widgets.

I have used the "" script to create for packaging purposes. I have tried Mr. Hellers "Py2exe" and Mr. Mcmilllans  "installer", both create executables, but sadly the excutables created don´t work!, both complain that "PmwColor" is missing.
Can someone well versed in python distribution create some kind of "hello world" ? both packagers have have simple documentation that I understand and have read a couple of times but they don´t cater for the case of using PMW or separate OptionDB files. For instance, where does one put the genereatd library? I put it in the directory where my script lies, i´m not sure if this is correct though.

Thanks for any help on this issue.


P.s. is there some way to inteface this list? I would like to reply to threads directly and not just post to "python-list at
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