And Now for Something Completely Different! (was: Monty Python (was: Freeware Python editor))

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On Mon, 5 Nov 2001 15:18:28 +1100, "Gary Stephenson"
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>> > The patriot (scoundrel??) in me wishes to point out that Spike was / is
>> > Australian - though I imagine many Brits would be somewhat upset to
>> > this <g>.
>> Yet he was born in India and (now) holds an Irish passport (as a result of
>> having an Irish father (English mother? not sure)).  Has he ever held an
>> Australian passport?
>Umm, errr,  you've got me there!  I'd  forgotten that he was born in India.
>We here downunder have just always claimed him as one of our own - and will
>continue to do so, you festering putrid pile of maggot infested batsh*t, I
>blow my nose at you, I fart in your general direction ...  and if you want
>to argue any further about it I suggest you need the room down the hall!
> This is abuse! )
Knew he was born in India and was clearly Irish. Australian, though?
You buggers try to claim everything. Dane Edna should be enough-ly.


Said Hamlet to Ophelia
'I'll do a sketch of thee
What kind of pencil shall I use
2B or not 2B?

har, har.


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