String formatting char

Daniel Dittmar daniel.dittmar at
Tue Nov 20 12:05:37 CET 2001

"Dale Strickland-Clark" <dale at> wrote in message
> The string formatting operator, %, is a mighty powerful beastie when
> used in mapping mode if the map is an object of your own.
> Is there some way to alter the format escape character from % to
> something else?

The %(varname)s formatting can be implemented using the re.sub method:

class FancyLookup (UserDict):
    def replace (self, match):
        key = (1)
        return self [key]

lookup = FancyLookup ()
result = re.sub (r'%\(([^)]+)\)s', lookup.replace, input)

You could add a 'sub' method to your FancyLookup class, thus having the
actual regular expression in only one place.


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