ANNOUNCE: Optik 1.0 (new command-line parsing library)

Gustavo Niemeyer niemeyer at
Mon Nov 12 23:31:50 CET 2001

> >    Or mix options and arguments?
> > 
> > <yourscript> --file outfile infile -q
> Not yet; I deliberately punted on this because most other Unix
> command-line parsing libraries are lazy and don't bother to scan all
> arguments for options.  (I think scanning all arguments is the preferred
> behaviour, but for historical reasons it should probably be optional
> behaviour.  I could be wrong...)

This seems desirable. It's usual for people (at least I have seen many
doing this, including myself) to type a whole line, and then remember about
a command line option and include it at the end.

Btw, congratulations. I haven't used the library so far, but seems very
flexible, and a nice option to include in standard library. Meanwhile,
you could want to pack the library in a single file, to be easier to
include in other projects. Anyway, this should be easy to achieve by
someone wanting to do so.

Gustavo Niemeyer

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