using access databases from python

Syver Enstad syver-en at
Thu Nov 29 19:31:54 CET 2001

"Christopher N. Deckard" <cnd at> writes:

Download the win32extensions from then you can
access Access via com (dao or ado).

You can also access via ODBC, there are several ODBC modules around,
I think mxODBC is regarded as being the best.

> Do to M$ Access's inability to correctly export data from its
> database, I am searching for other ways to dump an access database
> to tab delimited files.  I was wondering if there is an access
> database python module.  Even if it only works on Windows, that's
> fine.  I just need to get data out of Access to put it into a
> Postgres database.


Vennlig hilsen 

Syver Enstad

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