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Ron Stephens rdsteph at
Fri Nov 23 22:08:30 CET 2001

I have written book reviews on 15 Python books and posted them here. I
know, its embarrassing, but after reading so many books due to my slow
learning ;-)) I had to do something useful with them. Maybe the reviews
will be of interest to others when comparing Python books. I will add
more later and if anyone else sends any reviews, I'll add them to.

Also I have a brief report on the Lightweight Languages Conference held
at MIT on Saturday Nov. 17. I attended it and it was great!

Also an online script that lets users input simple data on preferences
and then it ranks 10 programming languages compared to the user's
preferences and chooses a winner ;-)). This online script is  JavaScript
but I also have posted Python source code to do the same thing plus a
couple of other things.

The basic idea I guess is that maybe this new site will be of use or
interest to newbies when they are choosing a language.

I will add more as I get time.

Ron Stephens

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