Teaching python (programming) to children

Arthur Siegel ajs at ix.netcom.com
Wed Nov 7 14:12:11 CET 2001

Cliff writes -

>One of Python's strengths is that almost every 
>line of code is related to solving the programmer's 
>goal rather than telling the compiler how to 
>compile the code.

Which has been my experience, and why I think
I was more successful with Python than with
other languages I false-started with before I
came to it.

In effect, my interest was not in learning
programming, but in accomplishing some things
for which an understanding of programming
happens to have been an essential.

In the educational setting, I think it is much
more important to focus, in the end, on what
an understanding of programming fundamentals
brings to the table generally - rather than viewing
it as an isolated educational goal.  Invest in
giving students that understanding because it will
allow for enhanced curriculum in subjects X,Y,
and Z.  Math and science being the obvious. 

Looked at in this way, Python - in my view - 
particularly well fits the setting.


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