And Now for Something Completely Different! (was: Monty Python (was: Freeware Python editor))

Jive Dadson jdadson at
Thu Nov 8 00:58:15 CET 2001

seb wrote:
> Milligan was brill. My fave:
> Dr O'Dell fell down a well
> And broke his collar bone
> But doctors should attend the sick
> And leave the well alone
> seb

I remember hearing this when I was quite young, as one of the verses of
a childrens' song called "It Ain't Gonna Rain No More".  I'm 54 now.

A quick web search found it attributed (in addition to Milligan) to
"traditional", "anon", and to someone named Holly Sunley.  I don't know
who Holly Sunley is, but the look of the web page where I found it makes
me suspect she is contemporary, and therefore the attribution is wrong.


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