New updates needed for an old computer language humor piece

Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Nov 30 13:59:21 CET 2001

Skeleton Man wrote:
> You post this to a perl group and yet don't have one for perl ? *L*.. shame
> on you...
> I would write one myself, but I'm much to busy doing useless things like
> writing JAPH signatures that scroll Merry Christmas across the screen.. (see
> below).. *L*
> ---- -Begin Xmas Signature------

Ohhh, you set yourself up for this one! <grin>

TASK: Shoot yourself in the foot.

> *__=*Time::HiRes::usleep=>my at m=map{$_+=$_%2?-1:+1}map ord,
> split//=>'Ldssx!Bishrul`r!`oe!`!I`qqx!Odv!Xd`s/////////'.
> 'Ldssx!Bishrul`r!`oe!`!I`qqx!Odv!Xd`s/////////';
> unshift @m=>(32)x at m;require Time::HiRes;for(0.. at m){
> print map(chr, at m[0..(@m/2-1)])=>"\b"x(@m/2);push at m=>
> shift at m=>__(0170*0xA**3);}

'Nuff said? :-)

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
peter at

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